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Neither woman has been formally arraigned on those charges yet Since her arrest on September 30, Dufresne has remained free on bond.

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'My mood today': Shelley Dufresnein from St Charles Parish, Louisiana, posted this selfie on Instagram after discovering she had avoided jail - despite admitting she had sex with a 16-year-old student Reaction: Followers started congratulating her on the outcome below the picture, prompting her to respond: 'I'm so relieved'.

However she still faces charges she had a threesome with the student and another teacher 'Free' woman: The 32-year-old, confessed in court Thursday to having sex with a 16-year-old English student in exchange for a plea deal that gets her out of prison time.

When her relationship with the teen was exposed last fall, it was revealed that she had sex with the teen at a residence in Montz (Dufresne and her family live in Montz) and one in Kenner between August 22 and September 27.

Dufresne still faces the possibility of jail time for allegedly having a threesome with the same student and Respess at Respess' residence in another Louisiana parish (pictured above).

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